mark took his life on november 21st in worcester, ma.

mark was simply the most amazing person i have ever met. it is impossible to describe how much his friendship meant to me or the absolutely massive hole that he has left in this world.


Stories and Photos
i am collecting stories and photos of mark with the goal of creating a book. please please please forward me anything you might have: it seems like everyone has the most amazing stories about mark and i would really like to share them. even if it is only a tiny snippet please send it along. i have also started a photostream of the photos i have collected. mark's parents were kind enough to scan some great pictures from marks younger years.

a scholarship fund for the powell house youth program has been setup in mark's name. powell house provides a weekend youth program for 4th-12th graders to explore a variety of topics in a safe and friendly enviroment. it was an important place for mark and it helped him (and the rest of us poho alum) get through childhood. the scholarship will help a new generation experiance the magic that is powell house. anyone who is moved to do something in marks honor/memory we encourage you to make a donation in his name.

Memorial Gathering
a gathering to celebrate marks life was held on January 13th-15th at the Montclair meetinghouse in NJ. many thanks to all that were able to make it.

Benefit Concert
a benefit concert was held in mark's honor at Ushuaia (in maine) on sunday, dec 11th. i wish i had been able to make it. gabe allen has posted some pictures from what i gather, there were quite a lot of people there and two of the bands mark played with performed along with several of the local djs hung out with. the event raised several hundred dollars for three charities including the powell house scholarship fund. thanks to everyone who was able to make it!

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